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Sype is an app where active customers provide quality insights for organisations to improve.
Now you can literally shape the environment around you. And while improving the world is definitely a fun thing to do, it's also a rewarding one! You may get various rewards for being creative and attentive. Free dinner anyone? Keep in mind: in all cases organisations see only the content of an insight, not the identity of a sender.

Let’s grow together

The main idea behind Sype is creating a system where people provide quality insights for organisations to improve. Introducing social aspect establishes an involved community. Gamification of incentives and recognition encourages quality. Providing easy to use and effective tools for organisations simplifies improvement.

It works like this

Story of improving

Let’s listen and care

Exploiting social features, gamification of incentives and tools of analysis offered by virtualization makes Sype a disruptive mobile feedback system. It helps to improve the world and create the environment everyone wishes to be in. Sype founders believe that it is the time for organisations to start listening to their clients again, because this process is the basis for a happy and sustainable environment!

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Make an impact

We created this platform with an idea to give a playing ground for people's minds. It is smart and effective. Don’t hesitate, taste it and make a real impact in your environment.

Speak, you will be heard

We are working each day and night to deliver your insights to the appropriate organisations in the best possible way. The platform is tailored to be smart and effective in each step of the process. You can trust that we are doing everything in our power and more for your great insights to be heard loud and clear.

Be appreciated

We know that saying ‘Thank you’ is the same as brushing teeth in the morning. Hence we stretch further. With every great insight approved by organisation you get an amazing reward. We love great insights. We celebrate fruitful ideas.

Play, not complain

We strongly believe that positivity grows happiness. That is why we encourage you to think about ways to improve drawbacks you acknowledge and forget about complaints. To make it more fun we shaped the process into a game form.

Keep social

We know how you like to be a part of your community. That’s why we integrated needed social networking features into the application.

Make it even better

We understand that you are busy with reaching your goals and being better each day. Nevertheless finding a moment to give an insight to your beloved coffee place or chosen bank can make a huge difference. Improve the environment you are living in. And don’t stop there.

Interested in more? Check our FAQ section.
P2O driven

We are focused on interaction between organisations and people (customers) rather than customers or people themselves C2C. It encourages constructive feedback aimed at organisations.

Anonymity and privacy

We respect a desire of every individual to be anonymous, and a right of each organisation to remain private. Therefore Sype has an option to leave an anonymous insight helping to improve without any benefits for an insighter. In addition the system supports reputation management by retaining all the feedback between a person and a organisation only.

Social integration

We add social features and create involved community. This encourages active participation in the process of problem solving.

Analytical tools for organisations

We simplify the improvement by providing easy to use and effective analytical tools. Sype makes a content useful for an organisation.

Rewards with real life and virtual incentives

We combine both real life and virtual incentives. It makes Sype more than another application - becomes a part of persons' daily life.

Sype uses smileys

We strive for simplicity in user interface. Integrating well-known visual symbols, rather than complicated surveys, makes explaining a level of satisfaction effortless and fun activity.

It’s not a complaint book – it is a game

We create a playful and competitive system for app users. Aspiration to play and win stimulates participation resulting in useful insights, rather than just leaving a negative feedback.

Sype focuses on quality

We rank and honour app users according to the quality more than quantity of their insights. Compared to random or no rewards it creates a quality driven environment.

Interested in more? Check our FAQ section.

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We are proud of our team that made this incredible service possible for such a small contribution. It simply adapts to your needs. Check it here:

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Improve the world today

There is no one else in the entire world that can do more than you can. One idea of yours can help an organisation to excel. One insight of yours can solve a municipality’s problem. One picture of yours can save a business from a disaster. One smiley of yours can bring a smile on the owner’s face. Isn’t it amazing? And you are rewarded for that too!

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